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Underground dog fences are easily installed and contain your dog at a fraction of the cost of traditional fencing. To help ensure your dog's safety and well-being, we offer only the trusted brands at very reasonable prices.

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Flags Boundary Bundle of 50

Boundary Kit 500' 20 Gauge Wire 50 Flags 2 Splices

Boundary Kit 500' 18 Gauge Wire 50 Flags 2 Splices

An environmentally friendly alternative to the Invisible Fence Power Cap

500' Boundary Wire 16 Gauge Solid Core

Boundary Kit 500' 16 Gauge Stranded Wire 50 Flags 2 Splices

500' Boundary Wire 14 Gauge Solid Core

An extra collar (receiver) for all the Perimeter Technologies systems

Boundary Kit 500' 14 Gauge Stranded Wire 50 Flags 2 Splices

Alternative to the once exclusive Invisible Fence R21 Fence dog fence collar

Ability to change frequencies and stimulation settings