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Agility Gear Starter Package with Tippy Board

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Start your dog in Agility with the Agility Gear Starter Package. It includes four “must have & fun” obstacles, great for training every breed of dog. The Package includes a Tippy Board, a Bar Jump, Weave Poles and a Pause Box.

1. Tippy Board ( Puppy Teeter ) - The Agility Gear Tippy Board is a confidence building tool. It is a preamble to a regulation sized Teeter. In addition to building your puppy’s balancing confidence, it trains him ( her ) to run a straight line over a board. Once mastered, progression to a regulation Teeter will occur at a more rapid pace.

· The Tippy Board measures 36 inches long with a width of 12 inches. Height is 1 – 1/2 inches at the pivot.

· Standard color is agility blue. Silica sand is infused into the paint for traction. The edges of the board are rounded ( routed ) for safety.

· Fully assembled upon arrival

2. Training Jump - The Agility Gear Training Jump is a great indoor and outdoor training tool for both the seasoned veteran and “baby dog”. This model is 32” high with one 30" long Jump Bar. It is a great alternative to a competition jump when space or cost is limited.

· 32 inch AKC standard height uprights that are perfect for leading your “baby dog” over the jump

· Clip and Go molded jump cups

· Completely adjustable jump bar heights from 4 to 30 inches

· Striped in Blue with a durable, two inch wide, vinyl tape.

· Minimal ( no tools ) assembly

3. Training Weave PolesAgility Gear Training Weave Poles are a great indoor and outdoor training tool. For the “baby dog”, the poles slant out allowing you to start with the "weave-a-matic" training method. As your dog’s proficiency improves, you can bring the poles closer together. Once your dog masters the weave poles, they can be set in a straight up and down position.

· 24 inch spacing between the poles Six 30 inch poles:

· 30 inches is the perfect height for leading your dog through the weaves. Taller Weave Poles may look nice, but make it difficult to lead your dog with a treat through the weaves.

· Quickly and easily assembled / disassembled for transport and storage

· Striped in Blue with a durable, two inch wide, vinyl tape.

· Two center crosses in the base add stability to the poles. You can stiffen the base even further with rebar available from your local building supply store. This is a great option for large size rambunctious dogs.
· Minimal ( no tools ) assembly.

4. Pause BoxThe Agility Gear Pause Box allows you to teach your dog the concept of “Pausing” when he or she is excited on the Agility course. Simply have your dog stand, sit, or lie down in the Pause Box for 5 seconds before continuing the course. 36 inches x 36 inches ( same dimensions as a regulation table top )

· Portable: Easy to assemble, break down, and reassemble

· Striped with a durable, two inch wide, vinyl tape.
· Minimal ( no tools ) assembly.
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