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Do it Yourself ( D-I-Y ) Agility Equipment Tips


Many agility enthusiasts choose to build their own obstacles / equipment. Their decision may be based:

  • upon cost, as agility participation can become a bit pricey or
  • the sense of accomplishment seeing their dog conquer an obstacle they built. Yes!

In either case, the good news is that most basic agility obstacles / equipment can be made by a handy person from PVC, wood, paint, and sand with a few common household tools. More sophisticated obstacles / equipment such as aluminum frames and rubberized contacts require a higher skill set and, of course, more tools.

The bad news is that sourcing some obstacle / equipment components such as unique PVC Fittings, and meeting venue specifications AKC, USDAA, etc. can be time consuming. The lack of quantity discounts, shipping cost on small purchases, and the waste associated with building only a few obstacles can also drive up the D-I-Y ( Do It Yourself ) cost.

Before start your adventure into agility obstacle / equipment construction, please consider the following:

  • If you need a limited number of obstacles, it may be more cost effective to buy an Agility Gear obstacle rather than building one or,
  • Purchasing Agility Gear Obstacle Kits. These Kits include all the hard to source PVC Fittings, Jump Cups and Strips if appropriate, Vinyl Decorating Tape, and most importantly step by step instructions at a reasonable cost. We also sell Fittings, Cups / Strips and Tape separately.

No matter what you decide, have fun and best of luck in your adventure.

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