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Agility Gear Pause Box
Our Price: $23.95
Aids teaching straight on approaches and exits off contacts
Durable 1.3 inch O.D. PVC construction

Aids teaching the “Pause” Table concept

Start your canine companion out on this Tippy Board, and
the transition to a regulation sized Teeter will be far quicker
and easier.

Balancing, strengthening and confidence building tool
22 inch diameter - 3+ inches tall

Practice Teeter Base
Our Price: $99.00

You will have hours of fun with our Teeter and Contact Teacher
More Versatile than a Travel Plank

Detachable fulcrum

All-in-one tool Mini-size Seesaw / Teeter
Rocker Board
Our Price: $154.00
Mini Travel Teeter
Our Price: $185.00

The Rocker Board is an all-in-one wobble board, teeter, and contact training tool.

Ready to use right out of the box, this cute mini-size seesaw is great for backyard fun.

Adjustable to your dog's height
Pause Table
Our Price: $247.00
Dog Walk Base (36" inch)
Our Price: $345.00
Includes 4 sets of legs meeting all AKC height requirements

Ultra-sturdy 36" dog walk base

Dog Walk Base (48" inch)
Our Price: $525.00
Ultra-sturdy 48" tall dog walk base