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Dog Agility Teeter Totter / Seesaw Board


Many individuals choose to make their own Teeter board as the shipping cost is often more expensive than the board itself. Shipping on a 12 foot Teeter board starts at $250 and can easily top $400.

This article outlines the steps to make a Teeter Board similar to the one shown above.

Choose your Board wisely
You will want to purchase a 14 foot 2” x 12” plank from your building supply store. Yes, 14 foot even though the length of a regulation Teeter is only 12 foot.

Lumber from your building supply store is kiln dried. Kiln dried lumber typically cracks at the ends over time. Therefore as one of the first steps, we recommend buying a 14 foot plank and cutting off one foot from each end. This helps alleviate the cracking.

Look for the following attributes when selecting your plank:

1 Straight i.e. it’s not warped or bowed. It will never straighten itself out.

2 Minimum of knots and cracks.

3 Stay away from pressure treated lumber. Paint does not adhere well.

Prior to Painting

Determine how the Board will mount to your Teeter Base. If you need to drill holes in the Board, we recommended drilling the holes at this stage. This will alleviate an unpainted area around the hole if the Board splinters a bit when drilling.

Surfacing your Board ( Paint & Sand )

Follow the steps outline on this website under Surfacing Contact Equipment and your Teeter Board will be ready to mount.

Mounting & Balancing

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions included with your Teeter Base.
Have fun!
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