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Aids teaching straight on approaches and exits off contacts
Durable 1.3 inch O.D. PVC construction

Start your canine companion out on this Tippy Board, and
the transition to a regulation sized Teeter will be far quicker
and easier.

You will have hours of fun with our Teeter and Contact Teacher
More Versatile than a Travel Plank

All-in-one tool
Practice Teeter Base
Our Price: $99.00
Rocker Board
Our Price: $154.00
Teacup Teeter
Our Price: $179.00

Detachable fulcrum

The Rocker Board is an all-in-one wobble board, teeter, and contact training tool.

Built with tiny dogs in mind, this teeter is competition quality and practice perfect.

Mini-size Seesaw / Teeter
Mini Travel Teeter
Our Price: $185.00

Ready to use right out of the box, this cute mini-size seesaw is great for backyard fun.