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Does Pampered-Paws shed? How do I apply it and what will I need to apply it? How much weight will it add to my obstacle?
How will it wear and hold up in different weather conditions? What exactly will my kit contain? What makes Pampered-Paws different than all other coating systems?
What surfaces will it cover? Which kit will work with my obstacle?

You've heard about all the advantages of rubberized surfaces for contact obstacles. You've seen the recommendations from the best of the agility world and many agility organizations. You know rubberized surfaces offer a safe climbing surface for dogs' claws to grip, without the loud 'scrabbling' of a sand-treated contact surface. It's becoming increasingly common at trials as clubs resurface their contacts for safety and speed. Rubber surfaces are taking contacts by storm!

We are proud to offer you the Pampered-Paws rubber coating kits! These kits include everything you need to resurface your used or new equipment. You will receive colored rubber pellets, glue, a spreader, and detailed application instructions.

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Pampered-Paws for Pause Table Pampered-Paws for Mini Travel Teeter Pampered-Paws for Rocker Board
Covers 9 square feet Covers 7 square feet Covers 6.9 square feet
Pampered-Paws for Teacup / TDAA Teeter Pampered-Paws for Competition Teeter Pampered-Paws for Contact Trainer
Covers 7 square feet Covers 12 square feet Covers 19 square feet
Pampered-Paws Mini A-Frame Pampered-Paws Teacup / TDAA Dog Walk Pampered-Paws for Dog Walk
Pampered-Paws Mini A-Frame
Our Price: $109.00
Pampered-Paws for Dog Walk
Our Price: $159.00
Covers 21.5 square feet Covers 21 square feet Covers 36 square feet
Pampered-Paws for A-Frame
Pampered-Paws for A-Frame
Our Price: $229.00
Covers 54 square feet