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Surfacing Agility Contact Equipment

Surfacing your Agility Contact Equipment with paint and sand is relatively easy albeit it can be time consuming literally “watching the paint dry”. The following is our recommended approach.


1                     Fully assemble the Equipment to be surfaced.

2                     Round ( either with a router, sandpaper, or corner plane ) all sharp edges.

3                     Fill any holes, cracks or knots with a quality wood putty. Sand off any excess putty.

4                     Make sure the equipment is clean and dry before attempting to surface it.

Choose your Primer, Paint & Sand wisely

Quality Primer and Paint goes a long way in preserving your equipment. You don’t want to spend hours building a piece of equipment only to see it rapidly deteriorate in sun, rain or snow. Our preferred primer, paint and sand are listed below:

1                     Primer:                 Zenner 123

2                     Paint:                    Dutch Boy Maxbond Flat outdoor ( flat is specified by the AKC )

3                     Sand:                     Silica sand is available in the paint department

If you are building equipment with contact zones, you will probably want two colors of outdoor flat paint. One color is required for the contact zones and another color for the remaining area. When painting the top of your contact equipment, use masking tape to separate the contact zones from the other areas.

Surfacing Your Contact Equipment

Apply your primer and paint as indicated on their respective labels. Allow adequate drying time before proceeding to the next coat of primer / paint. The following is our typical sequence:


1          Prime the entire piece of equipment including the top, bottom and edges.

2          Apply two coats of paint to the bottom surface ( helps preserve the wood ).

3          Paint a small section of the top surface and edges and before the paint dries sprinkle on the Silica sand ( only the running surface needs the Silica sand ). Continue this process until you have applied one coat of paint over the entire top surface and edges.
4          Repeat step 3 with a second coat of paint and sand.
Have fun!

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