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Weave Poles are widely accepted as the most difficult obstacle for your dog to master. Agility Gear offers four varieties of Weave Poles that are designed to assist in your dog’s training.

Slanting Weave Poles: The poles slant out allowing you to start with the "weave-a-matic" training method. As your dog’s proficiency improves, bring the poles closer together. Once mastered, the weave poles can be set in a straight up and down position.

Channel Weave Poles: Start your dog out running end to end through the wide-open “channel”. Slowly bring the poles closer together narrowing the “channel" and your dog will begin to weave.

Agility Gear Stick-in-the-Ground Weave Poles: A versatile set of outdoor Weave Poles that can be utilized for 2x2, Channel and “weave-a-matic” training.

We also feature Fixed Weave Poles that can be used for 2x2 training or as set of 6 stationary Poles.

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Weave-Pole Wire Training Guides Poles slant for training Can be used for 2x2 Training

Cinch to snap on and off

A great indoor and outdoor training tool to aid your dog in mastering the Weave Poles

Can be used for 2x2 Training

6 or 12 pole sets
Channel Weave Set
Starting at: $69.95
Channel Weaves is one of the newer “Weave” training methods. Available in 6 and 12 pole sets.