Agility Gear, Inc.

Agility Gear, Inc. is pleased to offer you an extensive line of supplies for the Performance, Show, Hunting & Sporting Dog, and all our Devoted Canine Companions. We specialize in Agility Equipment / Obstacles & D-I-Y Kits, Pet Travel, Crates & Pens, Training & Tracking, and Pet Containment.

Our product line includes the Agility Gear brand and major manufacturer’s brands at attractive prices. Browse our state-of-the-art secure website, and we are certain you’ll find a product right for you and your dog.

Agility Products

Agility Gear, Inc. has the experience, “know how” and pride in workmanship, and is proud to offer you innovative, professionally crafted Agility Obstacles. The Company’s Overriding Operating Principals are “We only manufacture Agility products we would personally use” and “Exceptional Value for the Price”.

We feature the Agility Gear brand, our internally manufactured Agility product line, and few select items from our business partners. You will always know when you are purchasing an Agility Gear product. The Agility Gear brand will be conspicuously displayed in product labels / descriptions.

Canine Supplies

We also carry a complimentary line of canine supplies from other major manufacturers including bark control collars, crates & pens, pet beds, collars & leashes, travel harnesses, underground and wireless fences, dog ramps, pet seat covers, SUV cargo liners, training collars & systems, vehicle pet barriers, and more.


Agility Gear, Inc. was founded by two retired gentlemen who actively compete in dog agility. Passionate about Agility, the founders started constructing agility obstacles first for themselves and then, upon request, for other agility enthusiasts in the Chicago area. Combined the founders have over 20 years experience designing and constructing obstacles.

The founders also have experience in obedience training and in the sporting dog / hunting dog arena.

The Company was incorporated in early 2012. Its principal office is located in Long Grove, Illinois and manufactures its products at two locations in Northern Illinois. You can contact the company at: