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What surfaces will it cover?

The color-infused rubber chips will adhere to ANY surface, whether vinyl, plastic, metal, fiberglass, or wood. You will just want the surface to be clean of dirt, and dry. If the surface is wood, it should be painted for weather protection first. Pampered-Paws, though it will help weather proof your obstacle, is not intended as a wood preservative. If newly painted, it should be allowed time for drying and FULL curing of the dried paint. If your surface has old paint, no problem, the glue will adhere. If your obstacle has different color paint than the rubber granules, no problem, the granules will fully cover the old paint color. If your obstacle has slats, you will keep these on, and put the rubber surface right over the slats.

More about paint curing time...

It is important to not apply Pampered Paws to a painted obstacle until the paint has had time to fully cure. Though dry time may only take hours, and it may feel dry to the touch, this does not mean that the paint has fully cured. Latex paint can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to fully cure. The glue can chemically react with the uncured paint, and cause the paint, along with the glue and rubber, to peel away from the obstacle surface. Higher temperature, lower humidity, and good ventilation, can help speed up the curing time of paint. If you purchased an obstacle from us, it is advisable to assume that that your obstacle was painted within a week prior of your receiving it. Therefore, you should wait at least a week from the time that you received our obstacle, before applying Pampered Paws.