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How do I apply it and what will I need to apply it?

Included with the kits are complete and detailed instructions with many pictures. It includes all the information below, and much more.

Some miscellaneous items you may need are:

  • A large enough area to work in that is well ventilated. Outside is best, though during application, and during the dry time of up to a couple days, you will want to be sure that it does not get rained on. Consider using a ventilator mask, even if outside. If in a confined environment, do set up fans to move the air out. The fumes are not particularly potent, though do have a tendency to creep up on you.
  • Latex, vinyl, or rubber gloves – you will need at least several pairs of these. You can get a box of 50 to 100 of these at a drug store for a fairly inexpensive price.
  • Large plastic tarps – enough to put under the obstacle you will be working on, to catch glue drips and rubber granules.
  • Safety glasses – for when applying glue.
  • A trowel, brick, or some other flat object that you will use to occasionally press granules down, into the glue, during the drying process.
  • A roll of paper towels.
  • Masking tape, or painters tape – for masking off any areas of your equipment (like on the edges) that you want to keep glue runs off of.
  • An elevated surface to support your obstacle, like a table or anything sturdy enough to support each end of your obstacle.

The duration of the entire process of application depends on the size of your obstacle, and how quickly you work. For a plank 12 feet long by 1 foot wide, it takes us about 30 minutes of actual application, not including set up time, and clean up. For a nice finish, you will want to take your time. Dry time depends on temperature and humidity. Dry time takes anywhere from 1-3 days, with 2 days being most typical.

Not to fear! You will be amazed by the clear and informative, picture orientated instructions. Read through the instructions before starting, and you will be confident when applying it, and have fun!