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How much weight will it add to my obstacle?

One advantage of Pampered Paws Rubber Coating is, unlike skins and wet pour methods, that it does not add much weight to the obstacle, relative to the pre-existing weight of the obstacle. Skins and wet pour methods of surfacing result in much more cumbersome weight.

These are approximations, as actual weight gained will vary. These are also the maximum weight gained per obstacle, as we provide more than enough rubber granules. Measured in Pounds (lbs), for weight GAIN of entire obstacle, including all parts: sides, planks, etc.

Pause Table = 6.75
Rocker Board = 5
A-Frame = 40.5
Mini A-Frame = 16
Contact Trainer = 14
Competition Dog Walk = 27
TDAA Dog Walk = 15.75
TDAA Teeter = 5.25
Mini Travel Teeter = 5.25
Competition Teeter = 9